I am a technology enthusiast and I am passionate about everything related to software design and development. I also value being curious, respectful, pragmatic and committed towards excellence. Overall, I do my best to be a good human being to be with! oh, and I uses this.


I currently build ZenModeler, an innovative modeling and software analytics SaaS platform. I use the latest software technologies (NoSQL, Clojure, WebGL, HTML5) to provide the best service to IT crowds. It will provide modeling and analyzing features to deal with complex and massive software intensive systems. For example, collaborative and online modeling combined to source code analytics and innovative visualization like Deepencity, a tool offering 3D view of software with city metaphor.

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As a consultant and co-founder with Redsen Consulting, I'm a strong promoter of leading agile practices such as Domain-Driven Design and Behavior-Driven Development. I have a strong expertise of the Java platform both in the object-oriented and functional paradigm. I do consulting work on IT architecture and software design, with a strong focus on software quality.

I work at different steps of a project:

  • Before a project is started I envision the global architecture and technology choices, with results such as call for proposals, product architecture, prototypes, etc.
  • During the project I develop along with the client, often touchy part, guide him by training and coaching his team or dealing with the supplier to check the quality of the software delivered.
  • Once a project is completed I audit and give pragmatic advice and coach the staff to increase software quality. Finally, I’m here to help clients deal with their huge amount of code and the usual quality problems that come with it.

You can find a summary of my different consulting gigs (in french).

Software Expertise

I have a very strong expertise in the Java Platform and I currently focus on :


I write in english for the “Design Matters" blog and in french for the Redsen Consulting's blog. Here are some miscellaneous things I put on the web.