Jérémie Grodziski

I Design and Build Software Systems

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci


I'm passionated in designing and building software that are simple and useful. I have 20 years of experiences in various industry and in company of different sizes using a wide range of technology.

I deal with complexity everyday, both essential and accidental, and I'm always looking for simplicity. I'm a strong promoter of Domain-Driven-Design and Behavior-Driven Development approaches, that I consider as very efficient way of designing software. I like to study complex problems and provide suitable solutions, taking into account all the constraints (scope, cost/delay, quality). I have a strong technical expertise that I combine with a deep work on the domain, in order to provide a lot of value and be able to deal effectively with complexity.

I have 20 years of experiences in various industry: finance and banking, healthcare, air transport, e-commerce, public administration and in company of different size: startup, software editors, fortune 500 companies.

My technical expertise encompasses a wide range of technology, here are the most notable ones whose I have real expertise with:


I'm a strong promoter of leading agile practices such as Domain-Driven Design and Behavior-Driven Development. I have a strong expertise of the Java platform both in the object-oriented and functional paradigm. I do consulting work on IT architecture and software design, with a strong focus on software quality and the business value provided by the software.

I can help you at different steps of your projects:

Before a project is started I envision the global architecture and technology choices, with results such as call for proposals, product architecture, prototypes, etc.

During the project I develop along with the client, often touchy part, guide him by training and coaching his team or dealing with the supplier to check the quality of the software delivered.

Once a project is completed I audit and give pragmatic advice and coach the staff to increase software quality. Finally, I’m here to help clients deal with their huge amount of code and the usual quality problems that come with it.

You can find a summary of my different consulting gigs (in french).


I build Deepencity, an innovative tool providing visual insights about code organization and complexity using 3D.

deepencity tool screenshot

On the open source side I develop Scenari, a BDD library for Clojure, as well as Talltale a generator lib for various common domain concepts.


My writings around the web:

Domain-Driven-Design.eu blog: a blog about DDD, hosting my DDD training and the activity of the Paris DDD community I host.

Clojure.paris blog: writings about clojure and the activity of the Clojure paris community.

Learn Computing Directory: a directory about computer science resources to help centralize and organize useful content I stumbled upon on the web.

Some older writings are on the Design Matters blog and the Redsen Consulting blog (in French).

Talks and Community

I present the Domain-Driven Design, BDD and Clojure community in Paris.

The majority of my talks are about Software Design, mainly Domain-Driven Design and the functional paradigm with the Clojure language:



Math: a list of all the great resources about mathematics I stumbled upon (in French).

I use this: I'm fond of people listing the stuff they use to get stuff done at usesthis.com, so I did the same with the stuff I use.